Growth Performance of Akkaraman Lambs Raised in Semi-Intensive Conditions

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Mevlüt NOYAN


The aim of this study was to determine the growth performance of Akkaraman sheep raised under semi-intensive conditions in the Çiftlik district of Niğde province. A total of 6300 heads of Akkaraman ewes (6000 ewes and 300 rams) were housed in 30 farms located in the Çiftlik district and were evaluated between 2016 and 2020. Birth weight data from 28481 lambs and live weight data from 27234 lambs were used at the age of 90 days. The average birth weight of Akkaraman sheep lambs was 4.07 kg, the average live weight was 24.18 kg at the 90th day.  The Effect of year, dam age, herd, birth type, and sex were found statistically significant on birth weight and 90-day live weights of the Akkaraman lambs. it can be concluded that the breeding program carried out on Akkaraman sheep raised in Çiftlik district can improve growth characteristics of lambs.

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