Comparative Nutritional Evaluation of Eggs From Some Poultry Species in Nigeria

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Charles Onochie OSITA
Anachunam KINGSLEY


Nutritional assessment of eggs from some poultry species reared in south East, Nigeria was carried out to have a basic knowledge of the nutrient content of these poultry eggs with regards to their daily consumption. 6 quail eggs, 6 exotic layer egg, 6 duck egg and 6 local chicken eggs were randomly selected and purchased from reliable sources in Nsukka withing Enugu State Nigeria for weekly laboratory analysis for 8 weeks. Samples of these poultry species were assayed for proximate compositions and cholesterol and energy content of the eggs were also determined. Significant differences (P<0.05) among treatments were recorded for both raw and boiled egg samples.  The raw egg sample from the quail had the highest value of nitrogen free extract, while the duck had the highest value in the boiled sample. Raw egg sample from local chicken had the highest energy value while boiled egg sample from duck had the highest value in the boiled form. Therefore, it could be concluded from the results obtained in this study that quail eggs are nutritionally better both in the raw or boiled forms for moderately high protein and low cholesterol especially for adults and people with coronary heart problems. But where quail eggs are not available, boiled duck eggs can be consumed as they are equally low in cholesterol. On other hand, when energy and protein value is of keen interest, local chicken eggs or duck eggs should be consumed not more than once a day especially for adults.

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EZENWOSU, E. ., OSITA, C. O. ., & KINGSLEY, A. . (2023). Comparative Nutritional Evaluation of Eggs From Some Poultry Species in Nigeria. Journal of Agriculture, Food, Environment and Animal Sciences, 4(1), 62-77. Retrieved from